October 13, 2010

European Union Film Festival

Assista gratuitamente ao European Union Film Festival que decorrerá em Toronto entre 18 e 30 de Novembro no Royal Cinema (608 College Street West).
Portugal participa com a obra How To Draw a Perfect Circle / Como Desenhar um Círculo Perfeito (2009) em exibição no dia 25 de Novembro pelas 20,30 horas.

Synopsis: Directed by Marco Martins, How To Draw a Perfect Circle is intimate and silent in style, offering the pleasure of exploring the limits, creating a closed, claustrophobic universe, innocent and contagious in the simplicity of its emotions, where everyday situations become at times brutal, cruel, yet infused with a strangely perverse beauty. In a house, the last trace of a Lisbon that has long disappeared, Guilherme and Sofia grow up sharing experiences and slowly discovering their sexuality. Guilherme, sheltered in a female universe, unable to deal with the uncorresponded love of his sister and her relationships with other boys, ends up running away. After the death of his grandmother Clara, Guilherme refugees himself in his father's house, who is immersed in a almost autistic world, which leaves him increasingly isolated. Guilherme discovers that life can not be held in a perfect circle and returns home. When the twins finally meet, they rediscover the sexual tension that surrounded them since the beginning, and love finally takes shape. 
Cast - Beatriz Batarda, Lourdes Norberto, Joana de Verona, Rafael Morais, Daniel Duval.
Presented by the Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto, under the auspices of Instituto Camões, of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the collaboration of the Embassy of Portugal in Ottawa.

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