March 7, 2012

Making Waves: The Continuing Portuguese Adventure

A Coordenação do Ensino Português no Canadá tem o prazer de anunciar que no dia 22 de março, às 17:30, terá lugar no Centro de Língua Portuguesa Camões (800 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, 416 826-5282, a apresentação do livro: Making Waves: The Continuing Portuguese Adventure, de Mary Soderstrom.
How one small nation influenced the world.
The world is the way it is today because 600 years ago Portugal, a small nation on the edge of Europe, sent its sailors off in search of spices and souls. In Making Waves: The Continuing Portuguese Adventure, Mary Soderstrom takes us to places touched by the Portuguese, telling a tale of adventure and triumph, occasionally mixed with a measure of sadness. The book is an outgrowth of the traveling she did for her non-fiction books about cities. Wherever she went--from Singapore to the East Coast of Africa and the West Coast of India, from Newfoundland to San Diego and São Paulo-- the Portuguese had been there before other Europeans. Why wasn't that story better known? She asked herself. Making Waves is her attempt to fill that gap, and to pay tribute to the Portuguese and their descendants around the world. Mary Soderstrom’s Green City: People, Nature & Urban Places was selected as one of the Globe & Mail’s 100 Best Books of 2007. She is the author of The Walkable City, Recreating Eden and The Violets of Usambara. She lives in Montreal.

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