March 18, 2014


April 4th, 2014 – 6 p.m. at the Royal Cinema
608 College St., Toronto
Directed by : Ruben Alves
Starring : Rita Blanco, Joaquim de Almeida, Roland Giraud, Chantal Lauby

Maria and José Ribeiro emigrated from Portugal to France 30 years ago. She works as the devoted concierge of a posh apartment building and he is a site foreman. They raised two children, slaved away to satisfy the demands of their bosses in modesty and discretion until they get a large inheritance from Portugal. Is it not time to retire for them? Yes, of course they deserve it!
Somehow the news of the inheritance spreads and everything goes awry especially with the bosses who are going to do their best to keep the couple working. And no help from the kids: Manuel in high school wants to stay in France and Paula is in love with her father’s boss’s son... What a mess!
“… this cute comedy going from humor to seriousness, from lightness to depth, has a full deck of cards to be a smash hit!” (Julien Barcilon).
A gem of a movie as it is funny, colourful and very moving with larger than life actors!

Please click here, for tickets and additional information on the Francophone International Film Festival

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