November 19, 2009

"The Lovebirds" de Bruno de Almeida

No quadro do 5º Festival de Cinema da União Europeia, é já na próxima segunda feira, 23 de Novembro, pelas 18 horas no Royal Cinema (608, College Street West), que tem lugar a apresentação do filme português de Bruno de Almeida "The Lovebirds". Premiado em duas ocasiões em 2008, o filme é protagonizado, entre outros, por Joaquim de Almeida, Rogério Samora, Ana Padrão, John Ventimiglia e Michael Imperiola. Legendado em inglês, com entrada livre, não perca a oportunidade de visualizar esta obra que se apresenta uma única vez em Toronto  -

THE LOVEBIRDS is a feature film that intertwines six stories during the course of one night. These tales address the universal themes of friendship, love, the loveless, passion, solitude and hope. The film is set against the old Romanesque city of Lisbon, where the stories weave in and out of one another. We follow an American artist who exchanges flirtatious glances with a girl on a subway. He pursues her through the dark cobblestone streets of the 17th century Alfama district, bewitched by the resemblance she has to his dead wife. Next we find two small time crooks breaking into a ritzy apartment as they argue about a past love that tries to divide them. An aging director shooting a boxing film struggles with a movie star and a genuine boxer who has too much pride to be knocked out in a scene. It will take all the charm and wisdom he has left to finish his last film. We see an alienated taxi driver brutally kill a prostitute. But when he picks up a young pregnant woman, he may find redemption unexpectedly. An airplanes pilot's weekend affair with a New York fashion designer goes haywire when her overprotective daschund exposes certain trivialities in their relationship. We find a melancholic archaeologist who refuses to come out of a work pit where his obsession in the field may be a cover up for something deeper in his personal life. THE LOVEBIRDS juxtaposes these six stories to create a quilt like portrait of the human condition and the beauty of life.